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Oberthur Primary School

School Policies

school policies

Internet, Photo Images and Mobile Phone Use

The school has a well-equipped computing centre each class accesses as part of their learning programme. The computers are linked to the Internet. For children to access this, with teacher direction, an Internet agreement MUST be signed by the student and parent at the time of enrolment.

A copy of the School Internet Policy will be issued to every parent during the enrolment process. The signed agreement is kept on file in the office area.

Internet policy is to be reviewed as deemed necessary.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

School Staff and Parents Acknowledge that the Internet and e-mail contain educational, recreational and cultural resources that are valuable, immediately relevant and easily accessible and that children need to develop values, attitudes and skills for their useful and appropriate use.

School Staff and Parents Acknowledge that there exists on the Internet and in e-mail sites, activities that are unwholesome and inappropriate for children.

Certain reponsibilities therefore devolve upon the school, parents and students

For the school these are:

  • a. Teacher supervision of all classrooms Internet uses.
  • b. Requiring all pupils using the Internet to sign an Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • c. Educating children as to acceptable use of the Internet, including ‘netiquette’, copyright, security of student information and ethics.
  • d. Regular collection and supervision by the Principal or his nominee of details of the school’s Internet log.
  • e. Supervision by the Principal or his nominees of each month’s telephone accounts.
  • f. Displaying at each computer site the rules for Internet.
  • g. Displaying at each computer site the consequences for misusing the Internet.
  • h. Maintenance of a virus-detection/elimination process.

For the parents these are:

  • a. Accepting that educational use of the Internet is a valid and valuable tool for learning and that electronic learning is to be a significant form of learning in the future.
  • b. Being aware of the school’s Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • c. Themselves signing the school’s Acceptable Use Agreement and allowing their children to sign it.
  • d. Encouraging their children to talk about any experiences they have using the Internet and being open in discussion by their children of any discomfiting episodes.

For the students these are:

  • a. Learning acceptable use of the Internet, including netiquette, copyright, security of student information and ethics.
  • b. Signing and obeying the school’s Teacher/Parent/Child agreement.

The school will take the following action if a student misuses the Internet:

  • a. A letter informing the parents will be sent. The letter must be signed and returned to the School.
  • b. The student will be restricted from using the Internet for up to 12 months.
  • c. An interview with the principal/student/parent and teacher will be held.

Student Images - Usage in Publications and Media

Oberthur Primary School regularly uses images of students in a variety of ways to recognise excellent achievement, inform parents and the local community of school matters, publicise events and to promote the school.

Parents are requested to sign a permission form giving permission for images of their children to be used. This information is kept on file in the Office. Parents can withdraw their consent at any time by contacting the school in writing.

Mobile Phone Use Policy


  • a. Mobile phones shall be switched off during the school day (8.50am to 3.10pm) unless parents have expressed a need in writing to the class teacher or Principal for a special event (one-off) requiring mobile phone communication; and the application is approved.
  • b. Parents otherwise requiring to make contact with their children during the school day may do so by contacting the school office with a message for passing on to their child(ren).
  • c. Mobile phones shall be left in school bags (switched off) or handed to class teacher.
  • d. Mobile phones brought to school are at the sole risk and liability of the student and/or its owner and the school and its personnel do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss, breakage or safekeeping of such mobile phones.


  • a. A breach of these guidelines will result in the mobile phone being confiscated by the Principal or Deputy Principal for the remainder of that day.
  • b. A second breach will result in confiscation by Principal or Deputy Principal until the studentŐs parent comes to the office to retrieve the mobile.
  • c. A third breach will result in a total mobile phone ban on the particular student for the duration of the school year.


  • a. Mobile phones shall be switched off during class time.
  • b. Staff may check their phones during recess, lunch or DOTT provided they are not supervising students or in an area where students are being given instruction.
  • c. Mobile phones will also be turned off during meetings as a courtesy to other meeting participants.

internet policy form

photo permission form