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Oberthur Primary School

School Programs

Oberthur Primary specializes in the following programs.

our vision

Oberthur Primary School is home to a vibrant music program that provides in-class and extra-curricular music opportunities for all students.

The music program at Oberthur Primary gives students opportunities to develop individual music skills, and work together as part of a choir or instrumental ensemble, developing strong peer relationships, teamwork and commitment to achieve a common goal. The success of our music program is reflected in the students’ joyful and dedicated approach to music-making, and demonstrated by the pivotal role that music plays in school life at Oberthur.

Classroom music

The classroom music program at Oberthur provides students from Years 1-6 with a weekly 60-minute music-specialist class. Throughout their primary school years, Oberthur students gain instrumental experience on keyboard percussion instruments, recorder and the ukulele. Students participating in the Macbook Program also learn to use music writing and editing software during music composition activities. Pre-Primary students explore music through participation in the Chinese Immersion Program.


We have a successful choral program, with our Performance Choir singing at a wide range of events throughout the year, in both the school and wider communities. Recent highlights include the WA Government School’s Music Concert Series at Burswood, Canning Show, Fremantle Eisteddfod, school assemblies, and various events in conjunction with the Melville City Council. The choir also regularly collaborates with other student performance groups such as the String Ensemble and Chinese Dance program.

Oberthur has a Social Choir that is run by the music captains and older choir members – providing opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and engage with contemporary music of their choosing, as well as learning and performing songs that link in to the school-wide Virtues Program.

Instrumental music

For students who seek musical extension, Oberthur has an Instrumental Music Program, provided by teachers from the School of Instrumental Music (SIM). Students who qualify receive a free, weekly 30-minute group lesson on violin, cello, double bass, guitar,trumpet or flute. These lessons provide excellent pathways towards continuing music studies at a secondary school and tertiary level. Students who learn an instrument at Oberthur often join one of our Instrumental Ensembles – String Ensemble, Stringendo (Junior Strings), and Guitar Ensemble perform at various events across the school year, and students also have access to other area-ensembles held at the local high-school.