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Oberthur Primary School

P & C Members

President Beck Montani
Vice President Anoma Howard
Vice President Megan Kelly
Secretary Sara Waugh
Treasurer Andrea Hawkins
Fundraising Kelly Chinnery
Exec Committee Vicky Rawlings
Exec Committee Cathy Cook
Exec Committee Tracey Lewis
Exec Committee Amanda Genetti
Exec Committee Sam Young

WACSSO Rep Sheryl Miller
School Board Rep Jodie Collier
Building Fund Coord Matt Coleman
Uniform Shop Tracey Lewis
Student Banking Gen Spencer
Scholastic Books Susan Coleman
oberthur community

The Oberthur P & C is made up of members of the community with an interest in our School. Most members have children attending the school.

The objectives of the P & C are to promote the interests and the moral, physical, social and educational welfare of the children attending the School; and to endeavour to bring about co-operation between the parents or guardians of the children attending the School, other citizens, teachers and children and to foster community interest in educational matters.

P & C Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Tuesday night of every month at 7.30 p.m. in the Staff Room. If the Tuesday falls during school holidays, then no meeting is held. During the February meeting a new executive of the P & C is elected. The Annual Subscription is $1.00 per family.

P & C Activities

The P & C uses major funding activities such as Fairs, Quiz Nights, Wine and Cheese Nights and Suitcase Dinners to raise substantial funding for the school. The P&C also charges a levy which supports the fund raising program. Past priorities have included school air-conditioning, library automation, computers, playground equipment, an extension to the music room and ongoing support for our sporting and musical programs. On an annual basis the P & C contributes approximately $8,000 to the School Funds and in some years it is significantly more than this.

The P & C keeps the school community informed of its activities through regular notices in the school's fortnightly newsletter and special flyers.

The P & C is the umbrella body through which the parent representatives on the school council operate and there is a very close relationship between the two groups and school staff members. ALL parents are encouraged to come to P & C meetings and contribute to the ongoing development of the school, and the educational opportunities for their children. We are always on the lookout for new ideas to assist the P & C in meeting its objectives. You are very welcome so please join us.

Student Services

The Student Services committee operates under the constitutional banner of the P & C Association of the school. Its function is to conduct a wide variety of services and activities that raise funds for the school; and to provide a friendly, social venue where parents and toddlers are welcome and can join in to school and social activities. Services that we provide are:

  • New Uniforms - The store provides school uniform needs. It operates every week, with times posted in the newsletter and on notices posted in the office, on the Kindy and pre-primary noticeboards and on the shop window. Prices are competitive and orders can be taken through the school office. Please contact the Uniform Co-ordinator, through the school office, for further assistance.
  • Used Uniforms - we accept donations of used uniforms that are in very good condition, and sell them for a nominal amount. Proceeds go to the P & C.
  • School Lunches - as our school does not operate a canteen, healthy foods are offered for lunch every Monday from the beginning of Term 2 until the end of Term 3. Order bags are in the lunch buckets in the classroom. Children return their order bag with correct money for collection by the parent coordinator before Friday morning. Lunches are delivered to the classrooms on Mondays. Prices are announced in the school newsletter each year.
  • Special Food Days - conducted throughout the school year: Subway, Pizza, Sausage Sizzle. During the warmer months, ice-creams are sold one lunch time per week (usually Fridays).
  • Craft Group - assists with projects for special fundraising occasions.