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Oberthur Primary School

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Corner of Oberthur and Nicholls Crescents,
Bull Creek, Perth WA 6149.

Phone (08) 9332 3212
Facsimile (08) 9332 8273
Pre-primary (08) 9332 4149

Office hours are from 8.30am until 3.30pm

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about Perth
Perth panorama

Perth is the state capital of Western Australia, and is situated at the mouth of the Swan River as it joins the Indian Ocean. It is a city of 1.65 million people, with one of the most ethnically diverse and rapidly expanding populations in Australia.

The greater suburban area of Perth is widely-spread for over 20km to north and south, encompassing the coastal satellite towns of Rockingham and Mandurah, and 10km into the eastern hills region. However, the metropolitan areas are well-connected by public rail and bus networks. Housing is abundant, but varies extremely in price depending on location, in particular proximity to the centre. Market prices are now comparable to other Australian cities.

Perth is the thriving centre of Australia's most productive economy, contributing one fifth of the world's gold exports and around $50 billion worth of oil, gas and minerals extraction each year. Perth's port of Fremantle is Western Australia's largest and is also an important historical site.

Perth experiences a Mediterranean style climate, with hot and dry summers from November to March, and short, mild winters with moderate rainfall from June to August. Consequently, Western Australians enjoy a dominantly outdoors lifestyle, which is reflected in Perth's many parks and green areas, sporting facilities, and abundant al fresco restaurants and cafes. Water sports are popular due to the sheltered river environment and the many kilometres of continuous beaches along the Indian Ocean coastline.

Many heritage and cultural attractions are to be found in Perth, such as the Swan Bells and riverfront area; the Perth Mint; historic Fremantle Prison and Fremantle maritime district; the Museum of Western Australia and the Perth Cultural Centre; and Government House and Kings Park, overlooking the central city. The wine-producing regions of Swan Valley and Margaret River are within a day's trip of the city.