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Oberthur Primary School

School Programs

Oberthur Primary specializes in the following programs.

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Saturday Netball

Current and ex students participate in the Fremantle Netball Association competition held at Gibson Park, East Fremantle on Saturday mornings during winter. Parents and ex-students assist by coaching or umpiring. Training is conducted after school during the week.

Cross Country

All students at Oberthur complete a Beep test and students with a high level of aerobic fitness participate in school, interschool and State Cross Country events in Terms 2 and 3. Students train before school 4 days a week for these events.


Students in Years 5 to 7 have the opportunity to participate in a 4 week orienteering clinic in term 2. Orienteering is navigation on accurate maps while running or walking. It is an adventure using a detailed map to navigate your way around a course, following designated control points. On the route, orange-and-white control markers are set in the places that correspond to the marked control points on the map. Those students who show expertise participate in interschool events at venues across Perth.

Eagles Cup/Winter Carnival

During term 2 students in Years 5 to 7 play in an interschool competition on a Friday afternoon against other local schools in a variety of sports including AFL Football, Netball, Soccer and Hockey. A one day carnival incorporating these sports is conducted at the end of term 2.


Oberthur selects three teams to participate in the School Sport WA Willetton Cup at the Willetton Basketball Stadium in term 1. Oberthur enters a boys, girls and mixed team in the event. Students have been selected from trials and a 3 on 3 basketball competition conducted at school.


All students in Years 2 to 7 who have passed Level 4 or above are given the opportunity to participate in Faction and Interschool swimming carnivals in term 1. Students complete swimming trials prior to these carnivals so they can be accurately placed in events.

In-term Swimming classes are also held in a two week block during the year for all students from Pre Primary to Year 7.

Edu Dance

Edu-Dance is a creative, energetic dance program developed for Primary school students from years PP-7. Edu-Dance provides specialised programs to suit individual school requirements. The staff conducting the classes are fully qualified and have many years experience.

It is not a ballroom program but dance for FITNESS and FUN and will include a variety of dance styles including the very popular Hip Hop and Street Stomp styles. At the completion of the program a concert is held to showcase the dances that the students have learnt.


All students from PP toYear 7 participate in athletics training and competition in term 3. A school and interschool athletics carnival is conducted with sprinting, long distance, jumping, throwing and team game events conducted. The Oberthur athletic carnival is a highlight of the school year. Students are selected from this carnival to participate in an interschool event conducted at Riverton Primary School.

League Tag Rugby

An intra and interschool League Tag Rugby Carnival is conducted in term 2 against other local schools. League Tag Rugby is a modified non contact version of Rugby League conducted by the West Australian Rugby League. Clinics are conducted at school prior to the carnival taking place.


Oberthur participates in the Primary School Football Championships against other schools in term 3. After the clinics and a selection process at school, successful students have the opportunity to play the world game in a fun and professionally organised competition, under the auspices of School Sport WA.


Oberthur participates in a Super 8 cricket competition which is an eight a side game which requires all players to bat/bowl and field for equal time. The 50 minute game consists of one innings of eight overs per side. The competition is a round robin competition with each team playing every other team. The boys will be playing for a Warrior Shield and the girls will be playing for the Fury Shield. The two shields will be provided and presented by a representative from the WACA.


Students at Oberthur are given the opportunity to participate in a 5 week gymnastics program covering the dominant movement patterns of balance, swing, spring, rotation, landings and locomotion. Gymnastics at School combines the vital ingredients of fun and fitness and aims at providing pre-schoolers and primary school aged children with the physical ability to move successfully into other sports and recreation activities.

Ed GYM and GYMBUS GYMNASTICS programs were designed by two former Australian Gymnastics representatives with over fifty years of combined gymnastics experience and are currently operating in over a hundred and fifty schools in W.A.

There are many benefits for children who do gymnastics. The Gymnastics program gives children an increase in co-ordination, flexibility and body management and provides a solid base for children to move successfully into other sports and recreational activities. The program is conducted by two qualified and accredited gymnastics coaches.