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Oberthur Primary School

School Policies

school policies

Unusual Weather Conditions

Hot weather procedures

The Education Department has issued the following instructions to Principals.
NOTE: Given that our school is air-conditioned it is less likely that the following procedures shall apply.

Prolonged high temperature is defined as follows:
The maximum temperature at an official weather centre in the immediate vicinity of the school exceeds 40C for two (2) consecutive days and it is forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology that the temperature in the vicinity of the School will exceed 40C the next day.

If these conditions occur then parents and guardians can withdraw their children in the following way.

  • a. They can keep students at home and provide a note when students return to school; OR
  • b. They can come to the school and collect students at 12.00 noon from classrooms, advising teachers and the administration of their decision.

Schools will not be closed in periods of prolonged high temperatures. Students will not be released on the basis of a telephone call. Parents or guardians MUST collect their children personally.

Wet weather procedures

Upon declaration of Wet Weather Policy by the Principal or Deputy, the following will occur:

  • a. ALL children will remain inside classrooms for the lunch break.
  • b. Teachers will share the supervision of the children eg. Areas 1 & 2, 3 & 4; 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12.
  • c. If the weather clears teachers must wait for an announcement from the Principal or Deputy Principal that the children be permitted to go outside.
  • d. On occasions of extreme inclemency lunch and recess breaks may be shortened.
  • e. No Sports Equipment is to be taken out.

NOTE: Umbrellas are NOT to be used during lunch and recess breaks.

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